Want to learn more about Instagram? This comprehensive tutorial will show you everything you need to know about using this popular photo-sharing app for smartphones.

As marketing professionals, we’re confronted with new tools, platforms, methods and trends every single week, especially if we work in social media. But one thing’s for sure: Instagram is huge and it’s here to stay. Since it launched back in 2010, the photo-sharing platform has grown to more than 400 million monthly users and, according to a recent study by Adweek, is used by approximately 42% of B2C brands these days. So what’s going on with the remaining 58%? Why aren’t they using Instagram to its full advantage and how come they’re not taking the opportunity to truly maximise the hundreds of millions engaged users out there?

Perhaps one of the most common arguments to not using Instagram as a marketing tool is it’s unreliability for referral web traffic. For many social media experts out there (us included), not being able to include a link to your site within individual posts is a downright pain. As marketers, we’re hung up on the stats that show the effectiveness of our efforts and so not being able to directly send traffic to a website or landing page is frustrating. But this shouldn’t be a reason to put off using Instagram altogether. This course covers the basics of instagram as a sharing and marketing tool and explains the one too many reasons why we should all be paying more attention to Instagram and using it to our advantage.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction To Instagram
Getting Started With Instagram 00:00:00
Navigating Instagram 00:03:00
Section 2: Editing Photos On The Instagram
Photo Editing Tips 00:03:00
Section 3: Sharing Videos On Instagram
Basics Of Sharing Videos On Instagram 00:03:00
Section 4: Exploring Instagram
Exploring Tab 00:04:00
Liking And Commenting 00:03:00
Section 5: Settings And Privacy
Adjusting Settings 00:03:00
Thanks For Joing Us! 00:02:00
Quiz 00:05:00

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