This course introduces migration in animals, with special reference to birds and also introduces the integrated biological themes of movement, selection and homeostasis.

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Movement is a facet of the life of animals and many migrate as part of their life cycle. The familiar movements of migratory birds follow a seasonal pattern and individuals complete round trips between different geographical locations. Figure 1 is a word cloud that represents concepts associated with migration.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Getting started FREE 00:05:00
Learning outcomes FREE 00:05:00
Section 2 : Introduction To Movement and migration
Example of animal migration FREE 00:10:00
Section 3 : Bird Migration
Migration Paths And Flyways FREE 00:15:00
Section 4 : Introduction To Natural Selection
Directional Selection FREE 00:10:00
Stabilizing Selection FREE 00:07:00
Natural selection in Darwin’s finches FREE 00:10:00
Section 5 : Introduction to homeostasis
Thermoregulation in migratory birds FREE 00:10:00
Section 6 : Navigation
The challenges of migration FREE 00:10:00
The star compass FREE 00:10:00
The sun compass FREE 00:07:00
Section 7 : Extras
Conclusion FREE 00:10:00
Quiz 00:10:00

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