This course, Squares, roots and powers, reminds you about powers of numbers, such as squares and square roots. In particular, powers of 10 are used to express large and small numbers in a convenient form, known as scientific notation, which is used by scientific calculators.


After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • evaluate the squares, cubes and other powers of positive and negative numbers with or without your calculator
  • estimate square roots and calculate them using your calculator
  • describe the power notation for expressing numbers
  • use your calculator to find powers of numbers
  • multiply and divide powers of the same number.This is a prerequisite for algebra topic.

Course Curriculum

Squares, Cubes and Roots
Squares 00:30:00
Squaring fractions and negative numbers 00:25:00
Square Roots 00:25:00
Cubes 00:20:00
The impact of Power 00:25:00
Power notation 00:25:00
Multiplying Powers 00:25:00
Dividing Powers 00:25:00
The Power Zero 00:25:00
Negative Power 00:30:00
Scientific Notation
Expressing numbers in scientific notation 00:25:00
Using scientific notation 00:25:00
Quiz 00:30:00

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