6 S-T-E-P-S to Make Money Online on TeachMe Nigeria



In just six simple steps, all our publishers earn big with little or no stress.

1. Register or Get in Touch!

Register or contact us to let us know what content you have and what your credentials are.

2.    We’ll Review Your Content

There are lots of topics we could cover on Teachme.ng, but whatever the course is on, it needs to be high-quality. Our e-learning gurus will review your content to make sure it meets our standards, and give you feedback on how to improve it if it doesn’t.

3.    Package it for the Web

We use the same packages for all our content online. If you’ve already got your content in any packages, great, if not, we can package it for you.

4.    Deploy it Online!

Once it’s reviewed and properly packaged, your content is ready to go live! We just add it to the site, and before you know it, people from all over the world are studying your course.

5.    Market it yourself FIRST

Yes, We can market the courses to our learner database, via Google Adwords, Promoteme.ng, Facebook, Jetheights Network of sites and more, BUT, we expect our instructors to have their own marketing plans in order to instantly promote their courses.

6.    Share the Revenue

We offer a share of advertising and certificate revenue to pubishers.