TeachMe Instructors: What you need to Know



Join the learning revolution with TEACHME NIGERIA

Engage your students using TEACHME NIGERIA’s wide range of courses developed for individuals by experts. With online content available 24/7, use Teachme.ng Study Groups free to cater for different learning styles in the classroom with ease. With Teachme.ng, the world is your classroom!

Ø  Lots of Free Online Courses

TEACHME NIGERIA’s main source of income comes from the advertisements appearing on our courses, allowing us to provide some of our courses for free. We also offer an advertisement-free option for individuals and groups.

Ø  Benefit from the Teachme.ng Global Standard

TEACHME NIGERIA Certificates and Diplomas are only awarded upon course completion with a score of 70% or more – note that this is to a higher standard than traditional Educational Institutes. We also offer customized certificates for group management.


All our tutors/publishers are required to undergo a course proficiency test as well as a confirmation process before they are allowed to teach a course to ensure student safety and ensure proper results.

Once they have been confirmed, publishers are allowed to post rates for their services. Prices range from free courses to charged ones. Students can review their tutors, rating them based on performance and personal overall learning experience.

At Teachme, we do not charge our tutors. Once they make it through our screening process, they are left to set their own rates and earn what they choose.


Our commission rate is flexible and absolutely interesting. We offer our publisher an awesome sharing formula, where Teachme.ng will be entitle to just 25% – 40% off the tutor’s total earnings (both from certificates and course fees as stated above) and the remaining 60% goes to the publisher.

In a case where the tutor or publisher is been referred to Teachme via an intermediary, the intermediary will be entitle to 10% off the tutor’s total earnings, depending on the number of students undergoing that course, Teachme could pay a 5% in return to the tutor i.e. Teachme will be responsible for 5 out of the 10% that goes to the intermediate.

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