Why Publish on TeachMe?


Teachme.ng provides you with the simplest and cost effective way to learn and become a master of new skills from anywhere around the world. Our mission is to help anyone learn anything.

  • Earn Certification Revenue

Teachme Nigeria’s main income stream is the revenue from printed certification for course completions. As one of our publishers, you’ll earn money every time someone purchases a parchment for completion of your course.

  • Reach Millions of Learners

Teachme.ng has several hundreds of registered learners, and that number is growing faster than ever before. As new populations in Africa and Europe come online, the market for online education can only grow.

  • Digitize your Content

Our e-learning experts have years of experience developing and repurposing content for the web. If you have got quality content in traditional media, we can help prepare it for a new life online.