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Personal Development

A Beginner’s Guide To The Art Of Islam

The Taj Mahal, a silk carpet, a Qur‘an; all of these are examples of Islamic art.

Marketing & Advert

The Fundamentals Of Facebook Ads & Management

Do you advertise on Facebook? Looking for more efficient ways to manage your campaigns?

IT & Software

Using A Scientific Calculator

The course describes some of the main features of a scientific calculator and encourages you to use…

Teacher Training & Academics

Basics Of Charts And Graphs.

This course has two aims: firstly, to help you read and interpret information in the form of…

Health & Fitness

Introducing Ageing

Everyone is ageing, whatever their current age, and we live in a world where many people are living…

Health & Fitness

Living With Diabetes

Living with diabetes is a free course that introduces the parts of the body and processes involved…

IT & Software

Introduction to Google Docs

Google Docs is a free cloud-based word processor. This tutorial will show you how to use the…

How The World Began: The Big Bang

This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper.’ (T.S. Eliot) But how about the way…

Personal Development

Basics Of Interviewing Skills

What will your interview be like? What should you take with you? How should you answer interview…

Personal Development

Judges and the law

How do judges make law? This free course, Judges and the law, will examine how the common law…

IT & Software

Introduction to Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system launched by Microsoft in 2009 as an upgrade from XP or Vista….

Business & Management

How to write effectively

Compared to the past, learning is now made more accessible and easier with the rise of the internet. It has now become a hub for both education and employment. In connection to the success of the online platform, Teach Me uses that to our advantage. Know more about it here:


About Teach Me

Teach Me is an online academy based in Nigeria that uses its platform to facilitate learning to interested students. We also open the door for instructors who want to earn online and teach different subjects without the traditional classroom setup.


The mission of Teach Me is to inspire the world and encourage everyone to dream big. We want to make education more accessible in a creative and dynamic way.


Teach Me has more than 500 certified professional instructors with over 25,000 students enrolled in our courses across 24 countries around the world. We are also well-known for corporate training and great support for different education centres internationally.

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The registration on the Teach Me website is easy. All you have to do is click the ‘register’ button found on our homepage then you will be redirected to another page where you need to fill up necessary details namely:

Account details

  • Username: Choose how you want to be addressed on our website. This could be your first name, nickname or whichever name you want to use.
  • Email address: Put your most active email address so we can contact you whenever necessary.
  • Password: If possible, choose a password that is composed of lowercase and uppercase letters along with numbers or symbols. This helps keep your account more secure. After choosing your password, you also need to type it again to confirm.

Profile details

  • Name: Fill in your complete name so we can better identify you.
  • Location: Put your current address like your city and state.
  • Field: In this part, you have to choose who you want to see on your profile like ‘everyone’, ‘only me’, ‘all members’ and ‘my friends’.
  • Bio: Briefly describe yourself in a few sentences so we and the other members of our site can have a better idea about you. You can opt to have your account public or private, depending on your preference.

After filling in all the important information, you have to read through the terms and conditions before ticking the box ‘I agree’ at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to press the ‘complete sign up’ button to finish your registration.

When you have an account at Teach Me, you can now start enrolling in our courses. To see our courses, browse through our website for all the details. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, contact us directly and press the ‘become an instructor’ tab to apply.