Teach Me: Advantages of learning a new language

Teach Me: Advantages of learning a new language

The ability to speak in other languages is a vital skill that can allow you to engage better with the world. It can help break barriers and connect people on a deeper level, which will open a series of doors leading to a better personal and professional life.

Check out benefits below that can justify why you should start learning a second language:


  • Cognitive and memory

Learning a new language means your brain has to absorb and process new data, thus giving it an exercise that can develop your cognitive thinking and overall memory. With this, you are quicker to recall names, directions and figures. 

Also, bilinguals can switch between tasks faster, which makes them better at handling more tasks at once than those who can only speak one language.

  • Mental ageing

Having a second language also helps fend off mental ageing and cognitive decline as you age. While it may not be a cure, being bilingual can ward off the first signs of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia by delaying the symptoms on an average of 4-5 years.

  • Academic

Though language and math seem to be different subjects, studies show that bilingual people perform better in various math tests than those who only speak one language. This is likely due to their improved memory, focus and cognitive abilities.

Having a second language can also improve your innovative and creative thinking due to your exposure to new concepts and culture. 


One of the most vital benefits of having a second language is your ability to connect with a wider range of people. A second language can open up your world to new cultures and traditions, which in turn, promotes greater empathy and acceptance of others. 

Speaking a foreign language also opens up a big pool of potential friends and acts as a common denominator when you meet new people who speak the same language. This will help you express your feelings, desires and connect with them to form meaningful relationships.


Having a second language is among the top favourable job skills employers look for in every sector since they seek people who can better serve their clients in the overseas market. This will give you an edge in the job market since the demand for bilinguals is rising rapidly. 


If you know the language of the country you are going to, you can connect and interact better with the place and its locals than those who do not know the language. Having a second language can also give you higher chances of working or studying abroad.

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