Teach Me: Top ways to teach children

Teach Me: Top ways to teach children

Make sure you share information properly by learning everything you need to know about teaching here at Teach Me. Find out now. The top ways to teach children are:

1. Example – If you want your child to learn something, give him an example and have him repeat it after you.

2. Explanation – Simply tell your child what the example means.

3. Active Engagement – Get your child involved in the learning process.

4. Fulfillment – Let your child see what he “learned” help him accomplish something.

5. Multiple Methods – Use different methods with the same goal. Use one to get an idea across… then… use another to make sure your student “owns” that idea.

6. Repetition – Don’t just say it once. Say it again and again until it’s locked in.

7. Feedback – Give your student a test after each method… and… change or alter the method if necessary.

8. Redirect – If you get stuck, redirect the energy of the situation back onto the path of learning.

9. Review – Don’t stop reviewing till your child knows it cold!

10. Practice – Don’t expect your child to know it immediately. Expect him to need to practice, practice, practice!

11. Celebrate – Rejoice with your child when he achieves a milestone. This will make him want to keep on learning.

12. Controversy – Don’t ever assume your child understands something.

13. Modeling

14. Repetition

15. Likability

16. Rhythm

17. Variety

18. Feedback

19. Celebrations

20. Explanations

21. Associations

22. Questions Here’s a very important fact: Children have an amazing ability to learn from each other. In other words, if one child learns something, the others in the group often pick up that knowledge almost instantly. For example, let’s say your child is learning to read. You could do it the easy way and just drill him with flash cards or you could do it the hard way and make reading a fun adventure for him. If you choose the latter method, you must be ready with lots of questions like, “How did that work for you?” “Did you understand that part? Can you tell me what part you didn’t understand?” “What’s the next word?” And so on. You see, if you don’t actively participate in your child’s learning, he’ll never really learn anything. So don’t sit there like a lump on a log. Get up, walk around, dance a jig, slap your knees, chew bubble gum, whistle, ask questions, and generally become a non-non-participant.

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