Teach Me: Tips to help you write effectively

Teach Me: Tips to help you write effectively

Effective writing involves the logical flow of ideas cohesively. It means having all your thoughts put together and conveying your message clearly in the best way possible. Here at Teach Me, we want to help you hone your writing skills and be able to communicate effectively. We’ve rounded up some tips that can guide you on how to write effectively:

Identify the purpose

Before you start writing, you need to first identify the purpose of it. Is it for a school essay, work or friend? Whatever reason you have for writing, you have to know your goal to make the necessary steps to reach it.

This is because each type of writing has its own nuances, differentiating one from another. For example, if you are writing something for work, you need to use a more formal tone compared to making a letter for a friend.

Start making a draft

After knowing the purpose of your writing and who your possible audience is, the next step is to start making a draft. If you are having a difficult time with putting up a draft, try freewriting. It is a method that allows you to jot down your thoughts without holding yourself back.

This is especially useful whenever you need to release all those ideas running through your head. Set a time limit and keep on writing as much as you can. When the time is up, scour through everything and filter out the parts that you want to work with and those you don’t.

Organize your ideas

Before you start organizing your written work, you need to select your main idea first. If you are writing an essay for a school project, your main idea should be aligned with your chosen topic. After knowing your main idea, you can continue filling it up with more details. 

Then, you can start connecting everything. A typical essay should have three parts: the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should give a brief description of your main idea. Meanwhile, the body is where you expound your main idea in further detail. As for the conclusion, you need to summarize the entire thing in a few sentences so that your reader can get a good takeaway from it. By following this format, you organize your entire work more cohesively.

Try the KISS method

KISS stands for ‘keep it short and simple’ which is a method used by many writers. It’s a reminder to be straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush just to make your work appear lengthy. The shorter it is, the more your readers will want to finish it. Also, it helps them better understand your work and absorb what you’re saying.

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