Energy resources are essential for any society, be it one dependent on subsistence farming or an industrialised country. There are many different sources of energy, some well-known such as coal or petroleum, others less so, such as tides or the heat inside the Earth. Is nuclear power a salvation or a nightmare? This free course, Energy resources: An introduction to energy resources, provides background information to each, so that you can assess them for yourself.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the difference between energy and power, and their units and prefixes
  • state the relative contributions of different natural energy sources to the global energybudget
  • describe the contribution of photosynthesis to the carbon cycle, and distinguish the terrestrial and marine parts of the cycle
  • discuss the issues involved in concentrating, storing and transporting energy
  • recognise which energy resources have a low energy density, and which have a highenergy density.

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