To write about projects, we have to define what they are and describe how they arise. This course will concentrate on describing what a project is, and how it can arise as a part of a planning process, as a response to a changing environment, as a business opportunity, as a problem or as a newly identified requirement.

Projects often appear to be mysterious: it can be difficult to define exactly what a project is, and to the man or woman in the average organisation they seem to appear rather in the same way that mushrooms sprout – overnight. They are very diverse, and may range from one or two people making an effort over a few days or weeks to dozens or even hundreds of people working over a period of years.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • define what a project is

  • understand the importance of risk
  • define the questions a decision maker needs to ask
  • list the main activities and tasks of a project manager
  • consider phased development, prototype approaches or agile methods.

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