Want To Be A Space Archaeologist?

Growing up a great number of us probably wanted to be an astronaut or an archaeologist, but what if you could have been both? Yes, space archaeology is here, and soon, we will be able to become citizen space archaeologists!

This all might seem crazy, but space archaeology is already in practice and has helped uncover lost cities, roman ruins, and Viking settlements!

Image: Space Archaeologist Sarah Parcak standing in front of a scree with a satellite image on it

Sarah Parcak is a space archaeologist and the explorer at the helm of this remarkable field.

She really is a thought leader of our time and her TED Talk will leave you with an eager sense of wonder and a desire to go out and explore parts unknown!

So, that TED Prize they mentioned, Dr. Parcak wants to put the tools for all of us to become a space archaeologist in our hands!

“I wish for us to discover the millions of unknown archaeological sites across the globe. By creating a 21st century army of global explorers, we’ll find and protect the world’s hidden heritage, which contains humankind’s collective resilience and creativity.” 3

The project is called Global Xplorer°, and they are in the process of building it as we speak!

If you want to hear more about Parcak and her remarkable vision for the future of archaeology, check out this brief snippet from the TED Radio Hour!

It really is an amazing world!

And don’t worry, as Global Xplorer° continues to evolve we will be featuring it here on EWC, that is, of course, when I unglue my eyes from the screen!

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